The Chiyu are race of alien sophonts. They are gatherers, omnivores with four limbs: a pair of wings and a pair of legs. They are avian analogues with well-developed feathers, but no beaks; they can hold and make tools with their mouths. The average Chiyu masses about 20kg and stands about 80cm tall. Their homeworld, Bebwand, has a dense, high atmosphere which is particularly suited to the evolution of flying creatures, but Chiyu can fly on any planet with atmosphere 6+.

They are a trimorphic race with two sexes but three genders. About equal numbers of males and females are hatched. Females ("hens") will form a flock around a fertile male ("cob"). If the cob is present, he releases pheromones which affect his sons, and most will develop into sterile males ("capons"). Flocks are semi-eusocial, with capons filling a drone-like role to serve all their brothers and sisters, but hens are competitive and individualistic within the flock framework, so they do not form a true "colony" like social insects do.

The Chiyu reached a technology equivalent to tech level 7 before humans contacted them, so they count as a "minor race" (i.e. one that did not achieve interstellar travel on their own). Since then they have spread to two neighbouring systems, and the three systems together are designated as a "Chiyu Reservation" where the land and resources belong to them.

Chiyu are of similar intelligence to humans and can be played as characters, rolling 1D rather than 2D for their strength and endurance but gaining the ability to fly at 40 kph. A lone Chiyu will almost always be an outcast female.

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