The Class CS Corvette is a standard ship design originally produced in the Malibrome Federation and now adopted by many independents in the sector. It is a small, low-cost ship with a bit of firepower to defend itself from pirates, and is used for courier runs, small-scale trading activities and as a charter ship for small numbers of passengers, provided they don't mind roughing it. Many such ships are involved in smuggling.

It uses a 150-ton hull, has jump-2, manoeuvre-2 and power plant-2 for Jump 2 and 2G acceleration. It uses a streamlined (flattened sphere) design and is capable of landing on planetary surfaces. It is armed with a triple missile turret and a triple sandcaster. It can skim fuel from gas giants and oceans and refine the fuel onboard. The minimum crew is one (pilot), but the usual complement is three: pilot, engineer and gunner. A fourth stateroom can be used for a navigator or a passenger. If the crew take double-occupancy and one of them has steward skill, up to two passengers are possible. The ship also carries a tracked ATV for ground exploration, and can transport 41 tons of cargo.

Any shipyard of tech level 11 or more can produce a class CS corvette in about 11 months. The price for a new ship is MCr 66.44, and standard finance terms are a downpayment of MCr 13.29 plus monthly payments of Cr 276,833 for 40 years. With only 41 tons of cargo, the corvette is not financially viable as a pure cargo ship, and needs to take commissions, passengers and specialist packages to break even.

These ships can also be purchased second hand, at a discount of about 2.5% per year of use, so a 20-year-old Class CS Corvette might be had for as little as MCr 35.

Component Tonnage   Price
150-ton hull (flattened sphere)   - MCr 12
Jump drive-2 4.5 MCr 18
Manoeuvre drive-2 7.5 MCr 5.25
Power plant-2 9 MCr 27
Fuel 33 -
Fuel scoops - MCr 1.5
Fuel purification 6 Cr32,000
Triple missile turret 1 MCr 2.25
Triple sandcaster 1 MCr 0.75
Bridge 20 MCr 0.75
Computer model/1bis 1 MCr 4
Tracked ATV 10 Cr70,000
4 staterooms 16 MCr 2

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