The Class GF Clipper is another standard ship design originally produced in the Malibrome Federation and now adopted by many independents in the sector. It uses a 300-ton hull, has jump-3, manoeuvre-1 and power plant-3 for Jump 3 and 1G acceleration. It uses a streamlined (flattened sphere) design and is capable of landing on planetary surfaces. It can skim fuel from gas giants and oceans and refine the fuel onboard. The minimum crew is 5 (pilot, navigator, engineer, medic, and chief gunner), plus a steward if high passengers are carried. Two crew members will need to double as gunners if the ship has to bring its full firepower to bear.

Clippers can be built at a shipyard of tech level 13 or 14, which can produce a class GF clipper in about 14 months. The price for a new ship is MCr 111.43 and standard finance terms are a downpayment of MCr 22.29 plus monthly payments of Cr 464,292 for 40 years. Crew salaries will amount to a further Cr 19,100 per month, or 22,100 if there is also a steward. It is hard to break even on these terms with only 92 tons of cargo.

These ships can also be purchased second hand, at a discount of about 2.5% per year of use, so a 20-year-old Class GF Clipper might be had for as little as MCr 56.

Component Tonnage   Price
300-ton hull (flattened sphere)   - MCr 25
Jump drive-3 12 MCr 48
Manoeuvre drive-1 6 MCr 9
Power plant-3 6 MCr 18
Fuel 99 -
Fuel scoops - MCr 0.3
Fuel purification 2.5 Cr 15,000
Triple missile turret 1 MCr 2.25
Triple beam laser 1 MCr 3
Triple sandcaster 1 MCr 0.75
Bridge 20 MCr 1.5
Computer model/2 1 MCr 9
12 staterooms 48 MCr 6
20 low berths 10 MCr 1
Cargo capacity 92.5 -

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