The Class LF Chartered Liner is another standard ship design originally produced in the Malibrome Federation and now adopted by many independents in the sector. It is a relatively small, low-cost ship with a little firepower to defend itself from pirates, and is used to carry passengers. Chartered Liners are noted for being one of the few ship designs in the under MCr 100 bracket that can expect to make a profit running a regular route.

It uses a 250-ton hull, has jump-1, manoeuvre-1 and power plant-1 for Jump 1 and 1G acceleration. It uses a streamlined (flattened sphere) design and is capable of landing on planetary surfaces. It is armed with a triple missile turret and a triple sandcaster. It can skim fuel from gas giants and oceans and refine the fuel onboard. The minimum crew for high passengers is eight: pilot, navigator, engineer, four stewards and a medic. Usually one or two of the stewards or the medic will double as a gunner, and if the ship is full the crew will be expected to double up. There is space for 30 high or middle passengers, and 20 low berths. There is also 30 tons of cargo space.

Any shipyard of tech level 11 or more can produce a class LF chartered liner in about 11 months. The price for a new ship is MCr 87.11, and standard finance terms are a downpayment of MCr 17.42 plus monthly payments of Cr 290,375 for 40 years. Crew salaries will amount to a further Cr 30,000 per month. In ideal circumstances (full occupancy with high passengers), the liner could make Cr 670,000 a month, but in practice there is nowhere in the sector where such occupancy rates can be counted on, and chartered liners will usually sell middle passages at reduced rates and sometimes need to travel with most of their berths empty.

Chartered liners are sometimes refitted to convert them to other uses. Typical conversions are as a troop transport or hospital ship.

Component Tonnage   Price
250-ton hull (flattened sphere)   - MCr 20
Jump drive-1 5 MCr 20
Manoeuvre drive-1 5 MCr 7.5
Power plant-1 7.5 MCr 22.5
Fuel 27.5 -
Fuel scoops - MCr 2.5
Fuel purification 6 Cr32,000
Triple missile turret 1 MCr 2.25
Triple sandcaster 1 MCr 0.75
Bridge 20 MCr 1.25
Computer model/1 1 MCr 2
4 crew staterooms 16 MCr 2
30 passenger staterooms 120 MCr 15
20 low berths 10 MCr 1

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