The Class M1 Corporate Commerce vessel is a modular ship design originating in the Malibrome Federation, and now in widespread use throughout the sector. It is designed to transport 24 of the 30-ton modules found in cutters. With most corporations the practice is for the two cutters carried on the ship also to contain modules while in flight, so the real payload is 26.

The ship uses 1,200-ton hull and has jump-2, manoeuvre-1 and power plant-2 for jump 2 and 1G acceleration. The closed-configuration hull cannot land on worlds with standard atmospheres, although it can skim gas giants for refuelling; instead the ship's two cutters are used to transport cargo and passengers to and from the surface.

Standard cutter passenger modules contain 60 acceleration couches, but these are impractical for a week-long flight, so special modules containing 7 staterooms each (and 2 tons of cargo) are provided for if the CCV needs to carry passengers. As there are no facilities for a steward, these are marketed (and charged for) as "middle passage".

Larger shipyards at tech level 13 or higher can produce a Class M1 CCV in about 32 months. A new ship costs MCr 372 including the cutters; they are almost always commissioned by corporations who pay cash, but theoretically, a very creditworthy person could buy one on finance with a downpayment of MCr 74.4 and 480 monthly payments of Cr 1,550,000. Crew salaries cost a further Cr 55,400 per month. The required crew is commanding officer, executive officer, pilot, navigation officer, ship's doctor, computer officer, communications officer, chief engineer, second engineer, gunner, flight control officer, 2x cutter pilot, 2x maintenance operative, security operative and caretaker. By carrying middle passengers (the most profitable activity for these vessels), the ship can theoretically earn Cr 2,912,000 per month, but this would require 182 passengers to be found for each trip which is rarely possible. More usually they carry a few dozen passengers and some cargo.

Because of the ship's practicality and flexibility, it has become one of the standard workhorses in the sector. Almost everyone who lives around a starport will be familiar with CCVs.

Class M1 CCV passenger compartments are notoriously noisy. Standard cutter modules are not soundproofed, as this is not necessary when the module is in space, but when they are packed together they transmit sound through the points of contact. Experienced passengers bring noise-cancelling headphones.

Component Tonnage   Price
1200-ton hull (closed structure configuration)   - MCr 72
Jump drive-2 36 MCr 144
Manoeuvre drive-1 24 MCr 36
Power plant-2 48 MCr 144
Fuel 144 -
Fuel scoops - MCr 1.2
Fuel purification 5 Cr35,000
Triple missile turret 1 MCr 2.25
Triple sandcaster 1 MCr 0.75
Bridge 24 MCr 6
Computer model/2 2 MCr 9
15 staterooms 60 MCr 7.5
50-ton cutter x2 130 MCr 56.26
30-ton cargo module x 24 720 -
Emergency low births for 20 people 5 MCr 0.5

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