Corlax is a star system in the Prevenyffos subsector. It comprises a G7 V prmary, Fenton, and its DM companion Tarast together with a few rocky world and an asteroid belt. Corlax, a former Vrodrigg world, is a standard world where some form of biological weapon has been employed. No life remains on its surface, but the ocean beds are uniformly coated with a light yellow slime approximately 3mm thick which is of organic origin. A scientific survey has demonstrated that the biological weapon remains in the slime and will reduce any living creature to slime form within 8 hours of contact, so nobody lands there, ever. The few visitors to the system refuel at Corlax' moon Elapra which has oceans of slightly dirty water.


Fenton Primary    G7 V --    --
Endaus' World 0 Y100000-0 -- --
Chertia → 15 YS00000-0 -- --
Morget 1 Y000000-0 -- --
Corlax 2 X766000-0 -- --
Elapra → 45 Y232000-0 -- --
Khuropat 3 Y425000-0 -- --
Demage 4 Y813000-0 -- --
Tarast Companion    DM --    in orbit #8

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