The Dalazons are a minor race of sapient aliens native to the planet Ralof of the Ralof system in the Hehad subsector. They are large herd animals that digest their food in fluid-filled pouches that hang from their breasts. They secrete pheromones that humans find moderately attractive, and are able to export perfume, but their main trade goods are root vegetables called parsnatoes which are nutritious, tasty and amazingly cheap.

The Dalazons live in communities of around 200 individuals, mostly in grassland or woodland areas. (There are semi-separate grassland and woodland races of Dalazon, with different coat markings, languages and cultures. The two kinds can interbreed and are identical in game terms.)

The Dalazons believe that most of their species rose to become gods, and they are descended from the unworthy ones who remained mortal. Intriguingly, genetic studies reveal that the Dalazons evolved several hundred million years ago and remained in their pre-technological state without further advancement, which some experts think might partially bear out the Dalazons' belief — perhaps their best and brightest did leave the planet somehow? If so, they have left no trace of their existence here or anywhere else.

Dalazons have two sexes but three sex roles: male, egg-female, and nest-female. A female is only capable of laying eggs for about five years after reaching sexual maturity. During this time she lays eggs for others to incubate; after it has elapsed, she incubates others' eggs. Incubating females are thus the more mature ones, and they educate the young they have incubated. Typically, an incubator looks after the eggs of her younger sisters or daughters.

Infamously, the megacorporation Bowen Diversified Biological captured and transported thousands of Dalazons off-world before the species was classified as sapient. It is widely believed that somewhere in the sector these Dalazons are bred for the "pet" trade, i.e. as slaves.

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