Eshistus world info
Hex size 180km     UWP A558200-A
Capital None
Population 100
Axial tilt 20 °
Mean surface temperature 25 °
Albedo 0.34
Day length 19.61 earth hours
Year length 193.76 local days

Eshistus is a virtually unpopulated world in the Eshistus system of the Bebwand subsector. Eshistus has a surface gravity of 0.681 earth normal and a thin but breathable atmosphere, approximately 80% of its surface is covered with warm, shallow oceans rich with sea life, and the land area averages 25°C with frequent gentle rainfall. There is indigenous life, but it does not seem excessively dangerous and there are no sophonts or even proto-sapient species, being at a roughly Devonian stage of development.

There have been at least three attempts at colonising Eshistus, and all have failed. The fate of the colonists is not known; they left a few ruins and some personal effects, but apparently, no corpses. The current population consists of study teams attempting to work out what went wrong—plus bodyguards and mercenaries in case it goes wrong again.

Eshistus has one natural satellite, Loding, which is also inhabited by a small colony party.

World mapEdit


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