The Eta Geminorum sector is a borderland region named after its most prominent star, Eta Geminorum. It nestles between two major powers, The Liberty Coalition and Strength in Unity. Politically it is balkanised, with a number of puppet states for the major powers, two small powers (one cluster of systems called the Malibrome Federation and another called the Commentrous Theocracy), and two species of intelligent aliens: the Chiyu who live almost exclusively in the Chiyu Reservation and the Vrodrigg who are more widespread, but have a semi-autonomous region of their own in the Vrodrigg Dependency. A significant number of systems are independent free states.

The highest technological level in the sector is 14, at Sekrupos, Temett, Ristihos and San Rurogg. The only shipyard capable of building TL14 ships is in Strength in Unity territory at Ristihos. TL13 ships can be built in Malibrome Federation space at Rotsott. TL12 ships may be built at several independent shipyards, and TL12 represents the standard ship technology in the sector. The Liberty Coalition does possess TL14 ships but these have to be built elsewhere.

The sector consists of the following subsectors:-

Rotsott Gapet Trajoggus Clalobos
Hehad Bebwand Prevenyffos Helit
Odrengos Flydracki Mefengus Ristihos
Pweryj Stekryfaxus Zebyng Eprengus Province

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