Grenade launcher
Weapon 8 (Grenade Launcher)
Tech level 7
Law level 1
Ammo 3
Burst 1
Military Yes
Cost Cr 1400
Ammo Cost Cr 50
Weight 4.2 kg
Ammo Weight 1.2 kg

The Grenade launcher has the following characteristics:

Damage: 8D (HE grenade)    
Required dex: 7
Req'd dex penalty:     -3
Advantageous dex: 11
Adv dex bonus: +1

Armour modifiers

None   Jack   Mesh   Cloth   Cbt Armour
+6 +5 +4 -1 -3

Range modifiers

Close   Short   Medium   Long   V Long
No No +3 0 -4

It fires grenades.

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