Krarugh natives are a human variant subspecies originating from Krarugh in the Bebwand subsector. The subspecies may have been designed by Strength in Unity scientists rather than evolved. They are slender and tall, averaging 2.1 metres (males) or 1.8 metres (females) in height. Subtract 1 from their initially-rolled strength and endurance, but add 1 to their dexterity.

Krarugh people are perceived as very attractive by most humans. They receive the skills liaison-1 and carousing-1 at character creation.

Their society is much-concerned with status, as determined by diet. Low-status individuals are restricted to eating brewed or manufactured foodstuffs. Medium-status people may eat vegetables and fungi, medium-high status may eat white meat, and high-status individuals may eat red meat. The very highest-status are permitted to hunt and kill their own food animals in special reserves, and Krarugh who live among off-worlders tend to be keen on hunting, fishing and eating game.

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