Latottus is a system in the Gapet subsector. It is a dictatorship and an amber travel zone, meaning that travellers are advised to think carefully before deciding to visit.

The system comprises one yellow main sequence star, called Apport. It has 1.68 times the Sun's mass and just over eight times its luminosity. There are six terrestrial planets, four gas giants and one planetoid belt. The terrestrial planets in this system are of little interest, being dry balls of rock with either trace atmosphere or no atmosphere at all, except for Bucktal's World (an inner-zone world that does have a very thin, tainted atmosphere of nitrogen, carbon dioxide and a little sodium, but no fluid on its surface at all) and Anithment (an outer-zone world with no atmosphere that has large ice caps of frozen ammonia, leaving only a narrow belt of rock at the equator exposed).

A gas giant, Ecipul, sits in the habitable zone. It has two substantial moons, both of which are inhabited. Latottus itself is an industrial world with 25.2% of Earth's mass and 78% of its gravity. Latottus has a population of just over 20 billion. Its atmosphere was formerly thin but breathable, but owing to pollution is now so tainted that respirators are advised. About 20% of Latottus' surface is covered with shallow, polluted oceans and virtually all the rest is city.

Latottus evolved indigenous life, which is now largely extinct, although some scavengers do survive in slum areas. The prevailing body pattern is radial rather than lateral symmetry, along starfish-like lines, but typically with nine arms.

Swer is the other inhabited moon, much smaller with 5.1% of Earth's mass and 38% of its gravity. Swer is much less populated, with only a couple of hundred thousand people. Its atmosphere (while thin) is breathable. The wealthy elite who can afford to leave Latottus pay a premium for land here. There is negligible surface water and no indigenous life evolved.

Swer is notable for having the most restrictive and intrusive legal system in the sector (law level F). The police have wide latitude to stop and search without giving a reason and to detain indefinitely without charge or trial. All enclosed spaces must contain police surveillance cameras, and interfering with these in any way is a capital crime. (Other capital crimes include picking your nose, belching in a public place and criticising the police.)

Law levels elsewhere in the system are only slightly less strict and unforgiving, which is the reason for the amber travel zone: visitors from elsewhere usually find themselves detained while their starship and computer files are searched, a process that usually lasts about a week (2D days) and can lead to severe judicial penalties for minor infractions.


Apport Primary    F1 V -- --
Bretch 1 YS00000-0 -- --
Debragent 2 Y100000-0 -- --
Grasp → 50 YS00000-0 --
Bucktal's World 3 Y720000-0 -- --
Dehunguity → 9 Y300000-0 --
Damarver 4 Y100000-0 -- --
Ecipul 5 Small gas giant    -- --
Latottus → 6 C542ABC-C Hi In Po pop. 20 billion
Swer → 65 H35056F-B pop. 200,000
Holate 7 Small gas giant -- --
Ring → 2 YR00000-0 --
Regable → 6 Y610000-0 --
Likenni → 7 Y310000-0 --
Mansfick → 8 Y510000-0 --
Empost → 9 YS00000-0 --
Brompullel → 11 Y300000-0 --
Selecish 8 Small gas giant -- --
Ring → 1 YR00000-0 --
Bitroke 9 Large gas giant -- --
Pillarm → 9 Y100000-0 --
Subtus → 55 Y20016E-C pop. 60. Research base
Anithment 10 Y404000-0 -- --
Unirk 11 Y10032E-B -- pop. 4,000. Mining.

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