AI failureAliensAssault Rifle
Automatic PistolAxeBebwand (subsector)
Body PistolChiyuClalobos (subsector)
Class CS CorvetteClass GF ClipperClass LF Chartered Liner
Class M1 Corporate Commerce vesselCopyrightCorlax
EshistusEshistus (planet)Eta Geminorum
Eta Geminorum (sector)Etageminorum WikiFlydracki (subsector)
FoilFolding ShotgunFuzed
Gapet (subsector)GrenadeGrenade Launcher
Hehad (subsector)Helit (subsector)Human variants
Hunting RifleKnifeKrarugh
Krarugh nativesLagLatottus
Loding (planet)Malibrome FederationMapvumia
Mefengus (subsector)MegacorporationsNaga
Naga (planet)Odrengos (subsector)Prevenyffos (subsector)
Pump Action ShotgunPweryj (subsector)Ralof
Ralof (planet)Regen tankRegistration asteroid
RevolverRistihos (subsector)Rotsott
Rotsott (subsector)SMGSnub Pistol
SootStarshipsStrength in Unity
Support RifleSwordThe Liberty Coalition
Third eyeTrajoggus (subsector)Tsamubvunus
UWPVacc suitVespust
Vespust (planet)VlosortiVrodrigg (race)
File:Eshistus.pngFile:Example.jpgFile:Forum new.gif
File:Loding.pngFile:Nagrepub.pngFile:Placeholder item.png
File:Placeholder location.pngFile:Placeholder other.pngFile:Placeholder person.png
File:Ralof.pngFile:Vespust.pngFile:Weapon 10 (Hunting Rifle).jpg
File:Weapon 11 (Revolver).jpgFile:Weapon 12 (Sword).jpgFile:Weapon 13 (Axe).jpg
File:Weapon 14 (Rapier).jpgFile:Weapon 15 (Knife).jpgFile:Weapon 1 (Support Rifle).jpg
File:Weapon 2 (Folding Shotgun).jpgFile:Weapon 3 (Assault Rifle).jpgFile:Weapon 4 (SMG).jpg
File:Weapon 5 (Body pistol).jpgFile:Weapon 6 (Snub pistol).jpgFile:Weapon 7 (Automatic pistol).jpg
File:Weapon 8 (Grenade Launcher).jpgFile:Weapon 9 (Pump action shotgun).jpgFile:~A map.png
File:~B map.pngFile:~C map.pngFile:~D map.png
File:~E map.pngFile:~F map.pngFile:~G map.png
File:~H map.pngFile:~I map.pngFile:~J map.png
File:~K map.pngFile:~L map.pngFile:~M map.png

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