Loding world info
Hex size 72km     UWP H273160-9
Capital None
Population 50
Axial tilt 28 °
Mean surface temperature 23 °
Albedo 0.44
Day length 19.61 earth hours
Year length 193.76 local days

Loding is a natural satellite of the planet Eshistus in the Eshistus system of the Bebwand subsector. It has a marginally breathable atmosphere. The surface gravity is only 0.22 earth normal and the atmosphere is tainted with excessive levels of carbon dioxide, with seas only covering about 30% of its surface. It is phase locked with Eshistus, showing the face containing its seas to the planet.

As a result of a previous unsuccessful attempt to colonise Loding, the hulk of a derelict 50,000-ton starship, the Amanda, lies next to the spaceport. The Amanda's interior has been stripped of most things of value.

World mapEdit


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