Naga (full title The Naga Republic, but "Nagreprub", a corrupted abbreviation from survey databases, still lingers as its title in some places) is a star system in the Bebwand subsector.

The system comprises a lone yellow subdwarf star, called Styre, of class G6 VI. It has five terrestrial planets, three gas giants and two significant planetoid belts. Both the asteroid belts, three of the terrestrial planets and several satellites are all inhabited. Nearly 8 billion people live in the system, mostly on Naga itself.

The system's economy is industrial, at a remarkably low technological level, equivalent to Earth just after the Second World War. Computers and video recordings of all kinds are banned, and radio is the usual entertainment. Most people work to extract, refine, and make simple products from the system's immense metal reserves. The government is nominally a democratic republic but actually an impersonal bureaucracy in which one party (the Patriotic Party) has won every election for the last seventy years. Gerrymandered electoral boundaries ensure that this situation will continue for the foreseeable future.

A number of offworlder companies operate the large fleet of spaceships (freighters, ferries and tugs) the system needs. These organisations need special licences for their ships' computers.

Planets in the outer system exhibit considerable orbital eccentricity, suggesting a near-miss with another star system about five hundred million years ago. The gravity interactions are complicated and there is a considerable amount of space debris. Going further out than a billion km from the star (i.e. past the orbit of Exharvit) is recommended for well-qualified and experienced navigators only. Nobody knows how many wrecked ships are drifting out there in the darker reaches of Naga. The journey to Sendellive is always made through jump space.

Inhabited worldsEdit

Naga, a chilly, cloudy planet, is the main world, described above. The Fabrace Belt, which largely comprises carbonaceous planetoids, is mined for organic compounds and water. The Termis Belt contains many nickel-iron asteroids and is mined for metals. Exharvit is mined because a historic legal blunder means it is unclear who owns its mineral rights, so corporations can extract its resources without payment. Scorism is rich in platinum, osmium and ruthenium and is mined for the central bank; it forms the basis of the system's currency. Iridium is more easily extracted from another nearby moon, Bridget.

Sendellive is remote, but it is also incredibly rich in molybdenum disulfide, tungsten (IV) sulfide, titanium dioxide and pyrochlore. Work from employees there is profitable, so salaries are high compared to the rest of the system. Even at closest approach, Sendellive is just under 22 billion km from Naga, so even a ship with 6G acceleration will find it much faster to get there through jump space—a rare example of an in-system use for a jump drive.


Styre Primary    G6 VI --    --
Redurway 0 Y110000-0 -- --
Naga 1 E579999-6 -- pop. 7,000,000,000
Fabrace Belt 2 Y0046C-5 -- pop. 40,000. Mining.
Vely 3 Small gas giant    -- --
Ring → 1 R00000-0 --
Veressage → 5 Y420000-0 --
Utess → 7 YS00000-0 --
Shelet → 9 Y300000-0 --
Termis Belt 4 Y0046C-5 -- pop. 40,000. Mining.
Shring 5 Large gas giant -- --
Discenfiltz → 4 Y610000-0 --
Dier → 5 Y400000-0 --
Intremism → 6 Y200000-0 --
Foragothie → 7 Y7A0000-0 --
Basterate → 8 Y754000-0 --
Hally → 9 Y100000-0 --
Dease → 10 Y100000-0 --
Parrah → 50 Y310000-0 --
Exharvit 6 F643367-5 -- pop. 2,000. Mining.
Forwel 7 Y210000-0 -- --
Hoose → 12 YS00000-0 --
Sion 7.3 Y530000-0 -- orbital inclination 27.01°, eccentricity 0.29
Tabudge 7.9 Large gas giant -- orbital inclination 14.22°, eccentricity 0.11
Ring → 3 R00000-0 --
Scorism → 5 H740368-5 pop. 6,000. Mining.
Rosaddands → 6 Y400000-0 --
Godlianche → 7 Y100000-0 --
Trimmeloating → 8 Y622000-0 --
Knick → 9 Y310000-0 --
Glutions → 10 Y300000-0 --
Constire → 11 Y531000-0 --
Sarapitch → 13 Y200000-0 --
Bridget → 25 H20026B-5 pop. 400. Mining.
Blackturne → 30 Y500000-0 Retrograde orbit.
Sendellive 10.9 G20063A-5 pop. 5,000,000. Mining.
Orbital inclination 33.73°, eccentricity 0.24.
Funnory → 5 YS00000-0 --
Pids → 45 YS00000-0 --

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