Naga world info
Hex size 180km     UWP E579999-6
Capital Carmone
Population 7,000,000,000
Axial tilt 19 °
Mean surface temperature 9 °
Albedo 0.41
Day length 31.36 earth hours
Year length 131 local days

Naga is the main inhabited planet in the Naga system. It is a chilly world mostly covered with ocean, and the main cities are largely equatorial. Shallow water arcologies house some of the population, and others live underground. The principal cities are the capital Carmone (pop. 9,100,000), Honthan (pop. 24,200,000), Chamant (pop. 17,700,000), Picerillo (pop. 8,400,000) and Uloppon (pop. 6,700,000).

The planet is geologically active and the ice caps are, in places, up to 5km thick. Introduced life has, to an extent, adapted to the tainted atmosphere, particularly the jellyfish which sometimes attain bodies 5 metres in diameter with stinging arms up to 65 metres long.

Naga has no natural satellites. The ruling politicians, who have access to technology that can reach orbit, maintain a number of artificial satellites for the purposes of monitoring and surveillance.

The system's economy is industrial, at a remarkably low technological level, equivalent to Earth just after the Second World War. Computers and video recordings of all kinds are banned, and radio is the usual entertainment. Most people work to extract, refine, and make simple products from the system's immense metal reserves. The government is nominally a democratic republic but actually an impersonal bureaucracy in which one party (the Patriotic Party) has won every election for the last seventy years. Gerrymandered electoral boundaries ensure that this situation will continue for the foreseeable future.

The de facto ruler is Spalod, Clerk to the Council of Leaders and Chief Representative of the Patriotic Party, a tall, gaunt 73-year-old man who is notoriously camera-shy. There are three official portraits, all three of which appear in the newspapers every day. His deputy, Bon Carice, a photogenic 54-year-old woman, makes nearly all the speeches and public appearances for him and carries out all ceremonial functions; the official explanation for this is that Spalod is busy running the planet. Senior executives and businessmen do see Spalod. The general view among informed people is that Spalod is alive and well and concerned about being assassinated.

World mapEdit


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