Ralof is a system in the Hehad subsector. It is claimed by the Liberty Coalition, and noted for its minor race of sophonts, the Dalazons. This is a binary system. The primary, Cochabamba, is a K2 IV subgiant, with an M-class dwarf called Trinidad orbiting at 30 AU.

Ralof itself is an agricultural world which is nominally self-governing, run by a charismatic dictator Dalazon called Mocaster who (in theory) voluntarily chooses membership of the Liberty Coalition for his people and his planet, and (in practice) is a client king of a client state. The planet either retains its traditional lifestyle and values unspoilt, or else is kept ignorant and stupid in order to depress food prices for the benefit of the Liberty Coalition, depending on your view. The Dalazons live in huts and wear furs. The humans who trade with them keep their technologies concealed. Strictly speaking, the Dalazons have no laws because they have no law enforcement; but the complex web of traditions, privileges, duties and obligations is highly restrictive, and the humans are not permitted to carry any item not made by the Dalazons outside their homes, so it is appropriate that the planet is rated at law level A.


Cochabamba Primary    K2 IV -- --
Tiwanaku 0 Small gas giant -- --
Shalent → 35 YS00000-0 -- --
Ingavi Belt 1 Y000000-0 -- --
Gamarra Belt 2 Y000000-0 -- --
Lozada 3 Large gas giant    -- --
Graselo → 5 YS00000-0 -- --
Smidge → 6 YS00000-0 -- --
Alignor → 7 Y100000-0 -- --
Gaderin → 10 YS00000-0 -- --
Hythe → 12 YS00000-0 -- --
Racaspel 4 Small gas giant -- --
Ralof → 9 E6876AA-1 Ag pop. 200,000 humans and more than 7,000,000 Dalazons
Kerd → 10 YS00000-0 -- --
Talifer → 12 YS00000-0 -- --
Trinidad Companion    DM -- --
Mabwin 0 YS00000-0 -- --

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