The regen tank is a medical device used to recover from serious injury or physical trauma. Any amount of tissue can be regrown in a regeneration tank, provided the brain is undamaged. (The "regrowth" involves creating new body cells from the subject's genes, and neural connections are not stored genetically.)

If the brain is starved of oxygen for more than five minutes, the subject character must roll 2D for 7+ to avoid the loss of a point of intelligence, 2D for 6+ to avoid the loss of a point of education, and 2D for 5+ to avoid the loss of a randomly-determined skill point, every minute thereafter.

A regen tank can rebuild any character whose brain has survived, even if all three physical characteristics were brought below 0. It takes about a week to work.

Battle dress includes devices that will cryogenically freeze the brain if the heart stops beating for more than a minute, thus avoiding characteristic loss. If the subject is not wearing battle dress, then characteristic loss can be prevented by using a cryogenic neurosuspension helmet on them. Such a helmet costs Cr 50,000 and weighs 4kg; it may be bought on a world with a tech level of 12 or higher.

A regen tank can be installed on a starship. It costs MCr 2 and takes up 6 tons of space per individual capable of being housed. Failing that, commercial regen tanks can be found on many worlds (throw tech level or less on 2D for a commercial regen tank to be present somewhere on-world).

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