Rotsott is the subsector capital of the Rotsott subsector.

The system comprises one rather boring red dwarf star, called Qualimack. It has 40% of the Sun's mass but only about 3% of its luminosity. There are five gas giants and two planetoid belts. There are no terrestrial planets, but the closest gas giant to the star, Datance, is within the habitable zone. Several of Datance's moons are of significant size and three are inhabited. The largest of these is Rotsott itself.

The next gas giant out, Riation, also has two satellites of significant size, one of which is inhabited. After that are two small gas giants, Tality and Ardecomm, neither of which have any satellites worth mentioning. The fifth gas giant, Panerate, has several satellites, including two with atmospheres, but none are inhabited.

Further out are two significant planetoid belts. The inner of these, Brood's Belt, is of little interest but the outer Marx Belt contains useful resources and a small population of miners works to extract these.

Inhabited worldsEdit

Rotsott (population 20,000) is a satellite about the size of Mars. It has about half an Earth gravity at surface level and a trace atmosphere. All its water has to be imported or manufactured. Like all the worlds in the system, it is a colony subject to the Dictator of Latottus. Virtually all the populace are connected with ship-building in some way.

Pruda (population 8,000) is another satellite around the same gas giant, Datance. It is of similar size and density but has no detectable atmosphere at all. Pruda is designated as a "refuge" for those who refuse the Dictator of Latottus' rule, and in practice is seen as a prison for dissenters. Landing there is forbidden.

Pardetiers (population 40) is the third inhabited satellite of Datance. It is about the same size as Earth's moon and has neither atmosphere nor liquid water. The populace all work to extract hydrogen and oxygen from the bare rock and convert it to water for drinking on Rotsott.

Precian (population 600) is the only inhabited satellite of Riation, the second gas giant out. It is the largest rocky body in the system. It is designated as a "retreat", and wealthy citizens of Rotsott or Latottus sometimes travel there, but the exact nature of the recreational activities on offer on Precian is unclear.

The Marx Belt has a population of about 20, mostly maintenance workers for the robotic mining devices at work there.

Other features of interestEdit

Two satellites of Panerate have atmospheres but no inhabitants.

Cruxis' World is a Mars-sized satellite with an atmosphere of nitrogen with clouds of ethane and methane. It is largely covered with lakes of liquid ethane.

Scipronocal is a Mercury-sized satellite with an atmosphere of nitrogen, carbon monoxide and argon. Its north polar region has a substantial sea of almost pure liquid argon.


Qualimack Primary    M1 V -- --
Datance 0 Large gas giant    -- In habitable zone
Ring → 1 YR00000-0 --
Ring → 2 YR00000-0 --
Diures → 7 YS00000-0 --
Rotsott → 8 A410467-D Ni Cp pop. 20,000
Pardieters → 10 Y300167-C Ni pop. 40
Emplass → 13 H301000-0 --
Pruda → 30 G40036A-C Ni pop. 8,000
Traimarkent → 40 H100000-0 --
Riation 1 Large gas giant -- --
Ring → 3 YR00000-0 --
Closte → 6 H200000-0 --
Recellet → 8 YS00000-0 --
Aphiss → 9 Y510000-0 --
Precian → 10 Y500269-C pop. 600
Icialing → 11 Y200000-0 --
Widecil → 12 HS00000-0 --
Tality 2 Small gas giant -- --
Ardecomm 3 Small gas giant -- --
Panerate 4 Small gas giant -- --
Ring → 3 YR00000-0 --
Brientharm → 6 Y300000-0 --
Cruxis' World → 7 Y437000-0 --
Molenine → 8 H300000-0 --
Assinbriveritt → 11 YS00000-0 --
Sciproconal → 13 H333000-0 --
Brood's Belt 5 Y000000-0 -- --
Marx Belt 6 G000169-C -- pop. 20

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