Snub pistol
Weapon 6 (Snub pistol)
Tech level 9
Law level 5
Ammo 6
Burst 1
Military No
Cost Cr 600
Ammo Cost Cr 30
Weight 0.4 kg
Ammo Weight 0.1 kg

The Snub pistol has the following characteristics:

Damage: 4D/tranq
Required dex: 7
Req'd dex penalty:     -2
Advantageous dex: 10
Adv dex bonus: +1

Armour modifiers

None   Jack   Mesh   Cloth   Cbt Armour
+2/-1 +2/-1 -1/-4 -3/-6 -4/-9

Range modifiers

Close   Short   Medium   Long   V Long
+1 +2 -7 no no

Snub pistols can be loaded with flechette or tranq rounds. Flechette rounds release their flechettes on impact doing 4D damage; tranq rounds render the target unconscious (throw to avoid unconsciousness: 3D under endurance). Their main advantage is that snub pistol rounds don't travel fast enough to damage starship hulls, so they are safe for shipboard use.

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