Soot is a psychotropic entactogen named for its appearance (its natural form is a black powder). It has no medical use but is widely enjoyed as a recreational drug. Its effects are: strong euphoria; a sense of empathy with other beings; cognitive impairment and dehydration. The euphoria and empathy effects last about half an hour and are followed by a decrease in body temperature called "the chills" by users. The chills can be fatal in rare cases of overdose, although this danger is exaggerated in government informational leaflets about it. They last a further thirty minutes or so, and then wear off about an hour after the drug was taken. Cognitive impairment usually expires at the same time as the chills. Users will typically feel the need for sleep at this stage.

Soot is habit-forming; throw 2d, and a result of 9+ indicates the user has become addicted.

A typical dose is a gram of soot, which costs about Cr20 in the rare places where the drug is lawful to possess, and at least Cr120 in far more common places where it is illegal.

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