Strength in Unity is a substantial stellar empire of just under 500 systems. Its territory is generally trailing relative to the Eta Geminorum sector, but it does occupy 114 worlds in the sector itself. It has a strong navy and an opportunistic mindset, but it is wary of a rival empire, The Liberty Coalition, that lies off the sector's spinward edge. Strength in Unity prefers to keep independent systems and small empires as a buffer zone between itself and the LC, but watches carefully to see that none of these grow strong enough to threaten it.

The highest technological level in SiU is 14. It appears to treat all the independent systems and small empires with equal disdain and contempt, although some of the independent systems are really client states or puppet states for SiU.

SiU believes in, and promotes, genetic enhancement of the human strain and most of its citizens are genetically modified to some degree. SiU believes that its citizens are more intelligent than the basic human stock, a claim which is contested by everyone else.

In SiU there are strict laws against being cybernetically enhanced. This stems from a historic incident in which a computer virus caused many problems, including some behavioural problems, in cybernetically-enhanced people, and anyone with cybernetic prosthetics is required to detach and deactivate them before entering SiU space.

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