The Liberty Coalition is a substantial stellar empire of some 600 star systems all told. Its territory is generally to spinward of the Eta Geminorum sector, but it does occupy 76 worlds in Eta Geminorum itself. It has a strong navy and an expansionistic mindset, but it is wary of a rival empire, Strength in Unity, that lies off the sector's trailing edge. The Liberty Coalition prefers to keep independent systems and small empires as a buffer zone between itself and SiU, provided none of those systems grows strong enough to pose any kind of threat. Some of the "independent systems" are, in practice, client states or puppet states for the LC.

The highest technological level in the Liberty Coalition is 14. It adopts a friendly pose towards the Malibrome Federation but treats other governments in Eta Geminorum indifferently.

The "Liberty" in "Liberty Coalition" refers to individual citizens' freedom to enhance themselves cybernetically. As a general rule, the wealthier a citizen of the coalition, the greater the extent to which they will be cybernetically modified, and nobles and their soldiers will not necessarily be recognisable as human. The LC has strict laws against genetic modification of human stock, believing that nobody should be genetically enhanced but everyone should have an equal chance to enhance themselves with machines.

One cultural peculiarity of the Liberty Coalition is the social stratification of citizens by how much tax they pay:-

Social standing Title Notes
1-3 Welfarer One who does not pay tax
4-9 Contributor One who pays less than the mean amount of tax
A-C Taxpayer One who pays more than the mean amount of tax
D-E Pillar One who pays more than triple the mean amount of tax

Non-citizens are strangers, or customers if they have bought goods to a total value of Cr 10,000 in LC markets, or retailers if they have sold goods to a total value of Cr 10,000 in LC markets, or merchants if they have done both.

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