Third eye is a psychotropic drug that causes placidity, altered perceptions including visual hallucinations, disorientation which is often experienced as a "zoomed out" feeling, mild cognitive impairment and, often, nausea. It is sometimes used by spiritual or religious individuals as an entheogen (i.e. a substance that enables direct experience of the divine). The drug is also of interest to psi researchers because there is some limited and doubtful evidence that users are capable of clairvoyance. The effects last up to 24 hours.

The drug is addictive, but not strongly so (throw 3d; a result of 17+ indicates addiction). Addicts need to take the drug every day and are advised to quit under medical supervision, as stopping cold turkey can be fatal (throw Endurance to avoid).

A typical dose of 4 grams costs Cr 30 in places where the drug is lawful, and at least Cr 300 where it is illegal.

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