Vespust is a system in the Rotsott subsector.

This is a binary system comprising a primary F IV subgiant and a secondary class F brown dwarf. A lone small gas giant orbits in the distance.

Inhabited worldsEdit

Vespust, the main world, has a population of about 43,000 and a standard but tainted atmosphere that requires a filter mask to breathe. It operates via representative democracy. It has two satellites, the larger of which, Dante, is rich in minerals and has a population of about 15,000 people who operate massive strip-mining facilities there. Dante is a participatory democracy.


Teth -- Primary    F7 IV    --
Niane 0 Y-S00000-0 -- 1200km diameter
Seffa 1 Y-S00000-0 -- 1200km diameter
Plulu 3 Companion star    FD    240 days orbit
Vespust    5 C476445-A -- Habitable zone; orbits in 11.86 Earth years
Priss → 3    Y-S00000-0 -- 700km diameter
Dante → 5 Y-100420-7 -- --
Shala 8 Small gas giant -- 32 Earth years' orbit
Caserope → 5 Y-S00000-0 -- --
Charlotte's world → 7 Y-S00000-0 -- --
Slang 9 Y-000000-0 -- --

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