Vespust world info
Hex size 144km     UWP C476445-A
Capital Graxel
Population 43,500
Axial tilt 16 °
Mean surface temperature 18 °
Albedo 0.33
Day length 92.26 earth hours
Year length 1126.1 local days

Vespust is the main inhabited planet in the Vespust system. Its atmosphere is tainted with heavy metals and requires a filter mask to breathe. It is warm world with native life, most but not all of which is inedible to humans. The principal towns are the capital Graxel (pop. 4,100), Coleray (pop. 2,600), Woam (pop. 1,700), Corlench (pop. 1,400), Surign (pop. 900) and Perrew (pop. 700).

Native plants extract the heavy metals from the atmosphere and excrete them, but still, roughly 70% of plants are toxic to humans, often fatally so. Most of the rest are unpalatable. The animals store excess heavy metals in a special organ called a commeatus. About 40% of the animals are toxic, often fatally so, and most of the rest are unusually foul to the taste. The natives go to considerable lengths to eat imported food.

Vespust has two natural satellites, Dante, which is rich in minerals and has a population of about 15,000 people who operate massive strip-mining facilities there, and Priss, a dull brown round rock.

The system's economy is non-industrial and the colonists were, originally, a breakaway religion seeking a world outside the edges of controlled space where they could worship their Goddess in peace. The inhabitants no longer believe, but the Face of the Goddess is carved into a mountain near Woam, in the kind of colossal Mount Rushmore-type effect you could only get with a mining laser. Some temples also survive, as womb-shaped caves cut from the bedrock.

Vespust's ruling council comprises seven representatives:- Catail Couchdappler, a 55-year-old self-righteous lecturer who represents Graxel, Fourn Allotty, a 71-year-old discourteous philanthropist slowly dying of bismuth poisoning who represents Coleray, Grosith Tuneigerwood, a 31-year old introvert who represents Woam, Breen Silver, an unethical 38-year-old actress who represents Corlench, Persh Submary, a 44-year-old former athlete who represents Surign, Palaps Clarradowney, an 81-year-old drug addict who experiences occasional flashbacks and represents Perrew, and Chunks Laime, a 56-year-old pharmacist who has been cybernetically augmented so much that almost no human flesh remains; he represents the rural populace.

World mapEdit


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