Vlosorti is a system in the Hehad subsector. It is claimed by the Liberty Coalition.

The system comprises a G1V main sequence star called Ippurash and its M1V companion, Vign. Ippurash is called Mastroo on some of the earlier star charts, and seems to have been re-named; the reason for the name change is probably that the original discoverer fell out of favour. Vlosorti is a warm water-world with a mean ambient surface temperature of 22 degrees centigrade (about 8 degrees warmer than Earth) and a surface gravity of 1.04 standard. There are a two small archipelagoes, an equatorial one which is uninhabited owing to the heat, and one in the south temperate zone where people live. The planet is quite geologically active and the islands are subject to periodic tidal waves, but the main reason why it is so underpopulated is the outgassing during the earthquakes leading to a high hydrogen sulphide content in the atmosphere: the whole planet smells of rotten eggs.

There are also periodic undersea volcanoes which can make the seas steam and bubble, causing torrential rainfall which can interfere with starship takeoff, so the world has been given a red travel classification.

The three gas giants all orbit the companion star Vign, so the few visitors often find it convenient to refuel at Vlosorti.


Ippurash Primary    G1 V -- --
Sabiento Belt 1 Y000000-0 -- --
Hartanx 2 YA30000-0 -- --
Looth → 20 S00000-0 -- --
Vlosorti 3 E87A485-7 Ni Wa R pop. 1,300
Bacient → 5 Y100316-7 -- pop. 140
Okeem → 7 YS00000-0 -- --
Mict → 8 YS00000-0 -- --
Vign Companion M1 V -- in orbit #6
Cander 1 Small gas giant    -- --
Ring → 1 YR00000-0 -- --
Bollond → 4 YS00000-0 -- --
Pentuline 2 Small gas giant -- --
Cardoon → 7 Y300000-0 -- --
Madesse → 10 Y100000-0 -- --
Gusterand 3 Small gas giant -- --
Ring → 1 YR00000-0 -- --
Ring → 2 YR00000-0 -- --
Ring → 3 YR00000-0 -- --
Pormerry → 5 Y200000-0 -- --

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