The Vrodrigg are a race of sophonts named after their home planet of Vrodrigg. As trilaterally symmetrical creatures, they are sometimes called "Triskelia". Their race became extinct about seven million years ago, and has been revived by humans.

Vrodrigg are basically trappers, tool-using carnivores evolved to weave webs from the hanging branches of plant-analogues on their homeworld. Their body form is basically a globe with three walking tentacles (one at the front, two at the back) and one dorsal tentacle used for manipulation; the brain is in the central mass, but the sense organs are in the dorsal tentacle. Their hide is hairless and blubbery. Owing to the frigid conditions on their homeworld they are tolerant of very low temperatures, and they find normal human temperatures uncomfortably warm.

As carnivores, Vrodrigg are essentially competitive, and their society is Darwinian. As trappers, they are aggressive ambushers, and highly territorial. They lack the complex honour systems of other carnivorous sophonts. They do not mate in the conventional sense, so two mature Vrodrigg in one room almost always means a fight. However, a mature Vrodrigg will care for and teach its young, which is how they evolved language. Young will share knowledge with other young, if they meet in the absence of adults.

They were formerly thought to be parthenogenetic and be exclusively female; recent analysis has shown that they do have males, who form in the womb, mate with their sisters, and are re-absorbed before "birth" (the term is inexact). Then, within the womb, the near-fully-developed immature creature enters a state of deep hibernation or cryptobiosis.

Vrodrigg growth involves moulting, and the hibernation lasts until the mother sheds its carapace. The young is shed along with the carapace; it will wake and devour the carapace as its first food source.

Vrodrigg are physically imposing, the average adult massing about two hundred kilograms, and long-lived, with a lifespan of over three hundred standard years. A player character Vrodrigg must be young in order to associate with other sophonts. It is rolled like any other character, but its strength and endurance are rolled on 3D rather than 2D (with a ceiling of H rather than F), its dexterity is rolled on 1D, and its social standing is always set at 1.

Seven million years ago, they reached about tech level 12, learned interstellar flight and travelled to other worlds. They wiped themselves out in a massive interstellar war shortly thereafter (in which war their home planet was shattered). Some managed to place their young in cryogenic sleep before the weapons of mass destruction hit, and humans have been able to revive about 350 specimens.

Technically the Vrodrigg are a major race (as a grouping that achieved interstellar travel of their own accord), but their extinction has meant that in practice, they have become a human client race, living in a seven-system Dependency near Strength in Unity territory. Eight other former Vrodrigg worlds (Fuzed, Kitexe-1, Gilgamesh, Sarjana, Lovreng, Siplesta, Corlax and Mugrack) are still off-limits to humans by treaty, until scientists have finished working out whether any Vrodrigg specimens or artefacts survived, what weapons of mass destruction were used, and whether there is still any danger.

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